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Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning

Our artificial intelligence and machine learning team are comprised of industry experts who have developed AI’s that provide valuable company wide impacts. We are dedicated to working with customers to decide the possible application and implementation of machine learning technologies. From consultation, development to implementation, we will work with you to develop machine learning solutions.

High-Resolution Forecasting

What choices would you make if you knew what would happen in the future? Organizations have to make decisions under conditions of uncertainty all the time. Unfortunately, uncertainty can imply significant operating costs due to inefficient allocation of resources. Knowing what the future holds allows you to minimize operating costs and maximize profits. Modern machine learning methods empower forecasting at a much higher resolution and with higher accuracy than with traditional time-series forecasting.

Anomaly Detection

Success in the modern age depends on using and deploying complex systems, having complex data streams. How do you know when a system you rely on is compromised? Physical or cyber systems may degrade due to age or they could be compromised due to designed interference. We build systems that help our clients detect anomalies in real time and classify the probable origin. Applications include fraud detection, preventative maintenance, and cyber defense.

Recommender Systems

One of the most powerful and underused methods in machine learning is that of Recommender Systems. One of the core secrets to Amazon's success is how they leverage user data to infer the wants and needs of each unique customer. When you automate the process of understanding your customers - and prospective customers - you can meet them where they are by offering the products / services that are most relevant to their needs. Additionally, these methods can be applied to internal operational data to accelerate internal decision making.

Multi-Level Decision Optimization

Your organization is complex and your objectives are complex. Systems such as supply chain or resource allocation pipelines involve a sequence of decisions. When decision optimization is built around each level separately, this can lead to systematic failures that cost organizations time and money. We engineer optimization systems that integrate all levels of the operating process to maximize an organization's grander objectives.

Natural Language Understanding

Text and audio data represents one of the richest sources of unstructured data. Many organizations sit on mountains of this data, without the ability to extract value from this data. The field of natural language processing has changed dramatically just in the last 3 years, and our team is experienced in leveraging these technologies in production environments. Applications include speech-to-text recognition, sentiment recognition, emotion recognition, content summarization, and content mapping.

Are you sitting on a wealth of data but not sure what to do with it? We can help build your data strategy!


Full Spectrum Cyber Warfare

Our vulnerability research team has extensive experience developing access and capabilities for computer network operations leveraging decades of experience in reverse engineering, vulnerability research, exploitation, and capability development. Our focus is on discovering and exploiting vulnerabilities in complex embedded system-of-systems across multiple domains.

Red Team / Penetration Testing

We will assess your organization’s capability to successfully prevent, detect, and respond to cyber threats before they disrupt your business and become nightmares for every level of your organization. Our Certified Ethical Hackers and certified penetration testing professionals will provide practical recommendations to improve the security posture of your networks, devices, systems, and cloud services.

System Design Cybersecurity

Including cybersecurity throughout the development lifecycle of your hardware and software is critical to ensure secure design. Our experts will help you generate cybersecurity requirements, implement and test secure designs, generate functional and non-functional tests, and report cybersecurity metrics to program and product management.

Cyber Range Development

Cyber ranges are essential for testing, training personnel, and operating complex, modern day system of systems. Our developers have virtualized networks, systems, and devices, built complex cyber ranges, and developed hands-on training using the cyber range for government, military, and commercial entities in both the information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) domains.


See your organization through the eyes of an offensive cybersecurity subject matter expert with extensive experience testing hardened military-grade systems and critical control systems. Our subject matter experts will work directly with each level of your organization, from the C-Suite to the front line cybersecurity operators, to provide insight into current and future cyber threats against your organization.

Your best defense is an exceptional offense. We can red team your devices, networks, and systems to ensure you are secure!


Confidence in Compliance

We believe cyber and data compliance can evolve lockstep with the culture that makes your company successful. Our team works directly with your internal teams to ensure accessibilty and transparency throughout the project and deliver customized results for the compliance and regulatory demands of your industry. Our compliance experts help you get compliant and stay compliant.

Cloud Compliance

Our cloud compliance experts help organizations with compliance analysis, cost anticipation, and security posture of your Azure or AWS clouds. In conjuction with our partners, we deploy a single organization-wide dashboard with real-time and action-oriented insights across compliance, security, and cost management. We provide real-time monitoring of your cloud compliance with the NIST CSF, CIS Controls, HITRUST CSF, FedRAMP SAF, and PCI DSS.

Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) Readiness

Our compliance experts have transitioned our NIST 800-171 compliance services to CMMC Readiness to help prepare government contractors for their CMMC audit. We stay up-to-date on all CMMC news and information published by the DoD and the CMMC-AB and, in turn, keep our customers informed on how they are impacted by emerging changes. We start with a gap assessment with NIST 800-171 and the current CMMC standard to determine where your organization is currently and then help implement changes to get you more prepared.


In addition to helping organizations stay on top of ever changing and complex nature of compliance and technology standards, we work with our customers to develop custom processes and procedures to further define and strengthen their operations. We can help your organization define and implement disaster recovering plans, business continuity plans, standard operating procedures for human resources, engineering management, security operations management, and more.

Over 300,000 Government Contractors are impacted by CMMC. Are you ready for an audit? We can help!


Courses and Seminars

Our subject matter experts have been on the cutting edge of vulnerability research and machine learning and take education seriously. There is no better teacher than one that has extensive field experience developing solutions to real problems. We customize our training solutions for each organization and training session to ensure the courseware is current and relevant. Our courses focus heavily on hands-on learning to ensure that all trainees have actionable skills immediately upon course completion. Let our experts impart knowledge learned through lessens learned by real-world experience.

Strategic Cybersecurity

Our Strategic Cybersecurity course provides a strategic view of how to form a cyber secure and cyber resilient organization. This course focuses on the executive and senior management levels. Learn the impact of having a cyber security team, how to build a strong cyber security team, and how to empower them to successfully defend your organization. Our subject matter experts have trained executives at Fortune 1000 companies and multi-national institutions.

Tactical Cybersecurity

Our tactical cybersecurity courses teach students hands-on cybersecurity tactics, techniques, and procedures. We leverage real-world systems in our courses to ensure that trainees receive the highest quality of training possible. Our courses range from hacking modern telematics systems in vehicles to hacking complex industrial control systems. Contact us to discover what tactical courses we can offer your organization's front line cyber warriors. 

Machine Learning - AI in the Real World

There is a halo of noise around the space of AI and ML. This can be disorienting to business leaders hoping to level-up their business operations with AI solutions. In these courses, our industry-experienced machine learning engineers help you cut through the noise and understand how specific machine learning techniques can be leveraged to automate, accelerate, and optimize business processes. The future belongs to leaders who truly understand how to employ data strategy. Understanding the limits, requirements, and use cases for different AI systems is essential to developing an aggressive data strategy.